Novel #1– YA Dystopian/Sci-Fi  (95,000)

Status Update: I started rewriting this. It got better in some ways and worse in others, so now I’m in limbo, while I reconsider. 


Twenty-three years ago, Amendment 57 denied citizens the right to parent without appropriate licensing.  The country exists as six large territories, home to the Sanctioned, including Zeke Holloway, military sniper, and Jude Carmichael, nerd extraordinaire, whose prestigious families hide terrible secrets. The ravaged lands between territories belong to the Unauthorized, those who had no right to ever be born. Twins Auden and Andy (Andromeda) Murphy, and their “family” of Unauthorized minors, live in an abandoned bunker near a small, militia run community called Reprieve, where they struggle to survive daily life in unlicensed territory.

Told in alternating chapters, the Unauthorized and Sanctioned teens face harsh realities from opposite sides of the invisible walls that protect and expand territory borders. When Zeke leads a top-secret mission into Reprieve, everything goes wrong, and he kidnaps Andy and Auden’s little sister to clean up the mess. Then four Unauthorized teens risk their freedom and lives to cross through the invisible wall on a rescue mission. 

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