Something More Than Fine

Novel #6 YA Contemporary (93,000 words)

Status Update: Permanently retired


After a life-altering junior year, Etta is not sure if she’s the victim, the victor, or the perpetrator. But she knows three things: 1.) Before Girl is gone. 2.) Everything Boy is lost. 3.) And After Girl is not fine.

As Etta approaches her senior year, she is not who she used to be. Someone close betrayed her, dividing her life into before and after. Before Girl was weak and chickeny, and After Girl is angry and did something Etta struggles to admit. She can’t even face the boy next door, who used to be her everything but now is nothing. With absent parents and a disgruntled older sister, life at home is barely more tolerable than school, where Etta is disliked, and way too visible for comfort. So Etta hides inside her online world, under the profile name InvisiblEtta. She thrives inside the anonymity, until she posts a Tweet and video clip about bullying that goes viral.

Etta becomes highly visible and ignores a request to appear on her favorite talk show. IncurableFanboy (IFB) takes notice and flirts blatantly with Etta, drawing her into his needy, fast-paced, and disastrous world. Etta’s daily life begins to revolve around her new, online friend, who understands After Girl and reminds Etta what it was like to be Before Girl. When Etta’s older sister finds out Etta invited IFB to their house and offered him money, she stages an intervention with the help of the talk show host. The show digs into Etta’s life and online profiles in order to discover the truths about IFB, while Etta insists he’s told no lies. But IFB’s real identity is the least of her concerns, because the secrets the show uncovers about Etta stun her family, community, and an entire nation of viewers. When confronted with the darkest parts of herself and her life, Etta is left with two options: stay and struggle in the spotlight or cut and run.

SOMETHING MORE THAN FINE is a YA Psychological Thriller complete at 93,000 words. It’s Fall For Anything meets Speak with a touch of Catfish: The TV Show. This nonlinear story is presented in 3 parts. Part one (After Girl) is Etta’s linear present. Part two (Before Girl) is Etta’s linear past. Part three (Everything Boy) joins both story lines in a parallel, month by month fashion. The months echo and contrast each other despite the separation of time.


I am dead but not fully buried, so despite my hopes to the contrary, my eyes open on the first day of my senior year of high school. My lungs draw air, and my traitorous heart thumps inside my chest, solid and strong.

Stupid heart.


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