Don’t Feel

Novel #3  YA Paranormal (70,093 words)

Status Update: Permanently shelved


Emotions don’t kill, unless your name is Ezra Booker.

Ezra wakes up on his thirteenth birthday to find he has developed a power like no others. His skin transfers a strong, permanent current of his emotions into the people he touches, leaving them scrambled. Unfortunately for Ezra, the current works in extremes and opposites. Those he loves most, like his mother, become his most hated enemies.  His pride is paid back in embarrassment. His fears manifest in rage. His compassion is returned with cruelty, and his sense of calm results in anxiety so extreme it’s deadly.

For the next four years, Ezra lives the life of an outsider, following his own set of rules to survive, living by his mantra: Don’t feel. Don’t think. Just breathe. But a dangerous mistake forces him to flee to the cold wilderness of Barrow, Alaska, the northernmost city in the United States. He expects mountains, forests, and solitude. Instead he finds tundra, the Arctic Ocean, and Kaya Elevgak, an Inupiat (Eskimo American) teen.  Kaya refuses to respect Ezra’s privacy, and her eclectic group of friends invades Ezra’s life and home, violating all his rules. He shuts them out, but the four return, failing to understand the risks to their own safety.  They accept his differences, treat him like one of the gang, and challenge him to explore his own powers and attempt to control them. Ezra is reminded of what it feels like to belong and be loved, and he channels his powers to aid his friends and the locals through challenging and life-threatening situations. But Ezra cannot save everyone, and he is haunted by the echoes of his failures and the fear of harming others. When one of the four teens pushes his boundaries too far and winds up scrambled, Ezra is forced to choose between keeping the rest of his friends safe or keeping them near.

DON’T FEEL is a YA Paranormal Adventure, complete at 70,000 words.  Fans of the Wake Trilogy by Lisa McMann and the Michael Vey series by Richard Paul Evans will appreciate DON’T FEEL for its similarities as a coming of age story about a teen who develops unexpected paranormal abilities that are frightening, difficult to manage, and life-changing.


A harsh reality check was the first requirement for starting a new day, and I never skipped it.

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