YA FANTASY:  From teenage girl to villain in 24 hours/25 chapters

The last hour of the story is divided in half. It starts and ends the novel with one chapter on each end.  All other chapters represent 1 hour of the day. Chapter 20 (Midnight) is broken down by minute, into short phrases, and it shifts the story from past tense to present.

Status Update:  I wrote this in April/May 2015 and have not gone back to edit it. I suffered a crisis of writing faith that summer and let self-doubt cripple me.  Now I can’t decide to revisit the novel, so it just sits. 

(61,704 words)

Please Note: This is NOT a super villain story. It’s about a girl who takes her convictions too far and becomes widely hated for it.

2015-03-25 17.09.35


The brainstorming journal for this project: 

2015-03-20 14.36.38 2015-03-29 12.29.20

A small glimpse of what’s inside: 

2015-03-29 12.29.302015-03-29 12.25.042015-03-29 18.22.22

2015-03-31 20.47.11 2015-03-31 20.47.38 2015-03-31 20.47.50 2015-03-31 21.14.04


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