Novel #6 YA Space Fantasy (105,000 words)
Status update: Considering a rewrite


When bloodlust meets stardust, bromance happens.

Ryban and Aven are BLOODBOUND at birth, and it aligns their destinies as pair-warriors of the Mokree clan. Except the Mokree who count are women, and they shun males above the age of two. The boys grow up with their Neffela fathers, as half-breed outcasts, in the crater slums of the planet Thipro and couldn’t be more different. But due to the bond, being together is heaven and being apart is unbearable. The bond silences Aven and marks their fate as companions and mates, but it fails to account for Ryban’s preference for girls.

When Ryban steals the Princessa’s hovermoto for a joyride with Aven, their court hearing is crashed by their death-wielding mothers, who lead a fierce clan of Mokree warriors in an attack against the Emperor of the Neffela people. Ryban and Aven escape with the Princessa, and three other teens, to the starry darkness of the Obsidian Void in the Emperor’s personal spacecraft. The six race across the infiniverse, battling asteroid clusters, space pirates, a malfunctioning ship, the Weptian mafia, and legendary Quammy monsters, all while fleeing the Royal Spacefleet, in an attempt to reunite with their families. The teens discover the Obsidian Void is full of mystery, prophecy, deceit, and lies, and they begin to question their realities and choices as the crew shrinks from six to four. When warfare erupts between the Mokree and Neffela, Ryban and Aven must choose between their foundation or their home, or risk losing both.

BLOODBOUND is a YA Space Fantasy/Sci-Fi. It’s Graceling meets Firefly, with LGBT themes, and a bromance to rival Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. This two male POV novel is complete at 105,000 words and can stand alone or be sketched as a series

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