My “So Awkward” 60 Second Video Bio

Someone told me not to post this video online, because I’m “so awkward.”

I don’t agree with her. There is nothing wrong with being awkward. This is me. People don’t have to like it, but I don’t have to hide it, like I’m ashamed. (I’m not)

So what if I’m a little bit awkward? No big deal. I’d rather be awkward than fake. I’d rather be myself than be perfectly charming. Maybe I make weird faces when I think too hard, but those faces have helped me write some interesting scenes. I’m keeping all of them, because I’ll do with my face as I please.  Weird facial expressions happen. Having emotions is not a bad thing.

I’ve had most of my writing social media for a year and a half and never posted selfies, pics, or video clips.  That’s just not my style overall, but everyone needs a change every now and then. So here’s me in all my “so awkward” glory.

To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t sure I planned to use the video before her comment, because it’s basically just me randomly talking too much. But I’m posting it now, on behalf of everyone who has been called awkward and let it impact their self-image or choices.

Awkward rocks! I dig it. Come and awkwardly join me.



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