2015 Reading Plan: 200 books

Since I read 175 books in 2014, I’ve decided to shoot for 200 in 2015.  

Obviously what someone with 1,294 books on their TBR should do is make an elaborate plan of what to read in the upcoming year, so that I can forget to follow it and later feel guilty about all the books I wanted to read and never got around to . 

So here’s the plan, and it includes reading down some of the books I’ve purchased on Kindle. That way I’ll be totally justified in buying a bunch more in 2015, though let’s be honest, I would buy them anyway. . . 

46 books – from completed series that I already own the full set of on Kindle
30 books – from series books that are partly owned on Kindle
25 books – from series not owned at all
10 books – New series that are incomplete (not fully published) 
16 books – Stand alone novels owned on Kindle
15 books – Stand alone novels not owned but on TBR
10 books – Novels from #4evnos already purchased on Kindle
10 books – Select from Tweeps & Feebs List, books already owned on Kindle
13 books – Audiobooks, already on iPod 
25 books – Random picks and new releases
200 Total 
For a complete breakdown of what’s on each list, click the see more option below. 






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Because my inner-multitasker couldn’t be satisfied with doing only #NaNoWriMo and #WIPmo this November, I also joined a book club team trilogy challenge that requires me to read FOUR (not 1 or 2 or even 3 but 4) trilogies to help my team win. 
Here is what I’m currently leaning towards reading, as each team member must read something different from the others. I actually have read Legend, The Maze Runner, and Birthmarked before, when those novels were first published, I just never went back to finish the series. Now, I need to reread, as it has been too many years, and my memory is sketchy. 
The six on the bottom are my back-up, sudden change of heart options, which basically means I just want to read all of those too, if only I had time to read 10 trilogies this fall.  
Also, in light of how many series books I still need to read, I have decided my 2015 goal will be series related. I haven’t settled on an exact goal yet, but I did start making a list of what all I still need or want to read. It’s already endless, and it is nowhere near complete. Epic. Sigh. 
Take a look at the list below, and let me know which of these I shouldn’t miss out on in 2015, or if there is something missing from my list that should be consider (sticking to mostly YA, maybe some NA): 

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The Weird Things Writers Do

For the next 5 days, I’ll be experimenting with my life in an attempt to be more productive. I’m going to adopt an extremely anti-social reader/writer-centric schedule and evaluate its effectiveness and my level of happiness by the end of the week.

My book club challenge ends Friday, and I’m behind by 5 novels. Also, I want to move two writing projects forward, so I can eventually start writing something new. I haven’t worked on new material in almost 6 weeks, and I’m starting to feel twitchy.  However, I want to get these two novels through another round of edits or rewrites, before setting them aside for a bit. The problem is, they’re quite different, so I can’t easily work on them back to back without a major brain break.

My goal is to attempt to maintain this schedule for a week and see if I am a more productive writer or simply a more exhausted one.

Work (obviously)

4:00-5:30 PM:  Edit Confiscated (From a hard copy)

5:30-6:00 PM:  Dinner (leftovers), Play catch with Oscar (the dog), Tweet & Text. *Don’t worry. I’m good at multi-tasking. This can all happen in 30 minutes.*

6:00-7:30 PM:  Read something in 1st person to reboot mind for Ezra. 5 books in 5 days? It’s never going to happen. My real goal is to somehow finish 2 of them.

7:30-8:00 PM:  Clean something in my house/ Plan / Think

8:00-9:30 PM:  Continue rewrites for Ezra & add 3 new chapters by Friday (laptop)

9:30-10:00 PM: Contemplate future and organize something….anything

10:00-11:30 PM: Mindless TV watching so TiVO does not explode & transfer paper edits from Confiscated for productivity.

11:30 -Whenever: Read again

My most important project right now is Ezra, so I put it at the best time of night.  The stretch from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. is my least favorite time of day after morning. Okay, let’s be honest. I don’t like much about daytime at all, especially at this dreadfully cold time of year. I’d prefer to be nocturnal, but the rest of the world won’t comply.

I know I’m taking a risk editing Confiscated during my brain downtime, but this won’t be it’s final edit by any means, which makes me feel less worried. If I even fix a quarter of its current issues, that will be a blessing. I’ll deal with things like dialogue tag issues, dialogue flow, useless words, contractions, typos, etc, and I can go back for some more serious rewrites after Ezra. . . or so I say. I tend to get caught up sweating everything, so we’ll see how it goes.

That’s basically it. If you see me on social media at the wrong time, feel free to yell at me. However, I do have some writing quotes set up in buffer that Tweet at schedules times each day, so don’t yell at me for those. 🙂
Wish me luck, and hopefully by Saturday, I’ll be pleased with the end results . . . Don’t doubt me. I heard you thinking that I’d probably only be exhausted and insane. It could totally happen. . .the pleased part, not the insane part.

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Less Than Epic 2014 Goals

I’ve got nothing. Yeah, you heard me. What? Did you really expect something more from a girl who didn’t even realize it was New Year’s Eve until the ball dropped and everyone started texting well-wishes?  I have no resolutions. I have no brand new goals. I have no excitingly specific plans for my future.  I was caught off guard, and in light of everyone’s excitement, optimism, resolution-making, and blogging, I feel like I’m at a complete and utter loss. 

I want to hunker down, pull the covers back over my head, and pretend I have more time to figure everything out.  However, it might have been pointed out that my attitude towards the New Year is “uninspiring” and “so super lame,” so I’ve decided to confront it by blog. Typically, the truth comes out in writing, so by the end of this post, maybe we’ll all have a better idea of where I might be heading . . . seriously, that new pillowcase is really soft!

Here’s the plan: I’m going to start a very vague list to acknowledge some things I might want to do or deal with this year:  
  1. Drink more coffee for better health . . . What? You meant less coffee? Sorry, I don’t think so.  Let’s try to be moderately realistic here.
  2. I guess the truth of the matter is that I want to change everything this year. 
    1. Everything is basically a filler word. Just insert some big aspect of life, and it is probably true in this instance: relationships, career focus, location, writing habits, eating habits, underwear, the endings to a few novels written by other people, etc.
  3. Become stronger:
    1. Ignore the haters and grow a thicker skin.
    2. Improve my writing style and habits.
    3. Reattempt PT and refocus on physical health.
    4. Remember that self-worth is self-determined.
The end. I know it’s a short list, but the last two actually overwhelmed me, and I couldn’t think of a fourth. Honestly, some part of me doesn’t want to have a list of goals this year, because I don’t want to be boxed in by them or feel the need to have to live up to all of them.  The last few years have included doing a lot of what had to be done to survive life.  Now, I want the freedom to look out at a world that is full of possibilities and run amuck in it.
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