About B.A. Wilson

B.A. Wilson lives in Missouri and works as a Public Library Services Consultant. She has 6 library cards, fosters a serious One-Click addiction, and is cultivating an infatuation with all things Audible. At any given moment, she is most likely reading 5 different novels, in at least 3 different formats.

Wilson earned  her Bachelor of Arts in Music & Tourism, and received a Masters of Science in Library Science and Information Services.This delightful combination of degrees qualified her to spend most of the past decade dissecting love triangles with library patrons and discussing the post-apocalypse with middle school kids, while mentally soundtracking her favorite novels.

Wilson enjoys reading and writing YA novels, consuming caffeinated beverages, and spending too much time on Twitter and Instagram.

Her faithful companion, Oscar, assists with all stages of brainstorming, plotting, editing, and writing, though he would much rather play catch and eat dehydrated sweet potato strips


 Also, she is perpetually cold:

Frightfully clumsy:

Obsessed with Post-It Notes:

2015-03-25 17.09.35



And severely allergic to basically everything

(except coffee and chocolate, thank goodness!)

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