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Mind Games by Shana Silver

Mind GamesMind Games by Shana Silver
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I’m seriously behind on reading this book. Sorry, Netgalley. The concept is good, but I just had trouble engaging with the storytelling and characters. It’s overdramatic in moments, but the emotional resonance just isn’t there for me. It’s like the characters are a bit stereotypical or one dimensional, as opposed to being 3D, where I’m in the moment with them and feeling the emotions with them.

I did receive the ebook free from Netgalley almost a year ago, but I sort of stopped reading in print and have primarily read audiobooks this past year, which meant I just never got to this until now. I ended up grabbing the audio, since I still couldn’t talk myself into reading the ebook. I like the narration which is clear and emotional, though sometimes it draws attention to the flaws in the writing and storytelling.

I should note that this could all just be me. Maybe I’m the one that isn’t connecting with this story, because I can’t point to a whole lot of specific reasons or examples in this story that felt flawed or made it hard to connect. It was just this overall feeling of disconnect and lack of emotional connection to the characters and story. It felt like something I had to get through, rather than something that I couldn’t wait to listen to for longer. Typically, I love sci-fi, so I’m sad this didn’t do it for me.

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