Addicted by Zane

AddictedAddicted by Zane
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The ending is absolutely ridiculous. Before that, I was overlooking the questionable dialogue and storytelling flaws, because this is somewhat fascinating.

Unfortunately, there’s not much authenticity in the storytelling, so emotions and decision-making don’t come across as a particularly honest. Then, all the back story is thrown in at the end to try to make sense of things, paired with a bunch of unnecessary drama and cheesy bad guy villainy, and the whole thing lost me. Heaven forbid she have to face her decisions and deal with them. Nope, indeed, let’s just turn her into the ultimate victim and then everyone lives happily every after. No thanks.

I do really like the format at the start of the book, though that does not persist throughout. Most of the characters are pretty one-dimensional, and the therapist choices aren’t even remotely professional. This book also seems to use abuse and assault as a main theme, which in most instances is completely unnecessary, and therefore I don’t like that as it feels like it’s their for drama and melodrama, rather than because it’s essential to the storytelling.

Honestly, the longer I write this review, the more my rating drops, because until the end, there’s almost a curious and addictive quality to the book. Even though it’s not great, I had trouble seeing it down, which usually results in a higher star rating. Unfortunately, as I reflect on the actual plot and storyline, I’m completely underwhelmed and annoyed with how a lot of things were handled, or not handled, as the case may be.

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