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The Picnic Problem by Jonathan Litton

The Picnic Problem (Math)The Picnic Problem by Jonathan Litton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a great book for introducing extremely basic math concepts to early learners. The children in this series follow a trail of clues. Each clue has them practice a different early learning skill, such as counting to find the difference between two sets of items, identifying shapes, determining length (in terms of which thing is longer than the other), and very basic addition skills.

This book is fun and useful, and it would be excellent to use with pre-K in a STEM/STEAM based storytime or classroom setting. It would be easy to pair up with other early learning activities. There’s also a section at the end that breaks down each of the activities the children completed, and it explains the concepts behind those, as well as vocabulary, and it includes additional examples and explanations, making this extremely useful in a classroom or class-like setting.

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