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The Cookie Stall (Art) by Jonathan Litton

The Cookie Stall (Art) (STEAM Stories)The Cookie Stall (Art) by Jonathan Litton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a cute, informative story with useful dialogue. The two children work on identifying problems, observing, and strategizing, which are good skills that help children learn to problem solve.
This story has simple, clean, child friendly illustrations that are colorful and detailed but not so intricate as to be overwhelming.

This also talks about some basic STEM/STEAM concepts, including how to mix primary colors to get secondary colors, which would make this a good storytime book for pairing with a color mixing activity (basic STEM concepts, which are great for early learners).

There’s no humor or surprise with this story, but that’s not really the purpose. This would be a great story for talking through the steps of a process, making predictions, learning how to make decisions, and you could probably even argue for a message about perseverance. That makes this a very useful story for a classroom or storytime setting, though it might not be the kind of story you would read over and over and over again with your child at night.

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