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Ramona Blue by Julie Murphy

Ramona BlueRamona Blue by Julie Murphy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This charming YA novel is about Ramona, who has blue hair, dates girls, lives in a small town, is poor, and has accepted small options for her life. That’s the surface level stuff.

Really, it’s about how sexuality is more fluid than fixed, and instead of putting people into neatly labeled boxes, we should be opened minded and accept who they are and who they love, at any given moment. We don’t need a perfectly thought out and permanently fixed label in order to love and accept people in our lives. It seems like labels are more about making others comfortable than they are about allowing people to be who they really are, which often includes changing and growing.

Anyway, long story short, Ramona considers herself a lesbian, until she starts to fall for a guy. Then she’s pretty confused, and it doesn’t help that the people in her life react in extremes on both sides of the is-Ramona-or-is-she-not-a lesbian line. There are those who reject her relationship with a boy on the grounds that she is definitely a lesbian, and there are those who are stoked about her relationship with a boy, as they felt that being a lesbian was “just a stage” that Ramona was destined to grow out of.

Sadly, very few people just have Ramona’s back and tell her to trust herself and her own feelings, and it’s not because her life is full of terrible people. It’s because her life is full of people who don’t see outside of their own life experiences.

This was supposed to be a short review, and it suddenly grew long. So I will wrap this up now by saying that it’s a good read that deals with a lot of issues, both related to sexuality and not. Overall, I enjoyed the story, the diversity, and the lovable characters.

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