Ida and the Whale by Rebecca Gugger

Ida and the WhaleIda and the Whale by Rebecca Gugger
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I absolutely adore the artwork in this picture book. It evokes so much mood and emotion, while still remaining cute and charming. It’s so gorgeous and whimsical that I wanted to live inside this world.

The story is well-told, and the vocabulary is good. There are a lot of contrasting terms, and the dialogue is strong. That makes this a great read for early learning.

Since I sit on a picture book committee and read and rate quite a few of them each year, I tend to be picky. For whatever reason, I just really enjoyed this one, even though it’s a bit understated, especially with the ending. The story is simple and heartfelt.

This is one instance where a simple story is so blessed to have such amazing artwork that evokes so many emotions. Had this been paired with lesser artwork, I might have considered it an average read, but the story and artwork together made this so enjoyable.

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