A Flicker of Hope by Julia Cook

A Flicker of HopeA Flicker of Hope by Julia Cook
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Wow! This stunned me. I think the world definitely needed this picture book.

This tackles the issues of trying to have hope while you’re struggling and knowing how important it is to tell someone you are struggling and to ask for help.

It also discusses depression and suicide, but without every using either of those terms, or anything even remotely like them. It takes what can be a very complicated topic to discuss with children and makes it so simple, in a way that still feels like it’s absolutely true and could be very helpful.

I kind of think we should read this book to all children, probably over and over again, in the hopes that this message sticks with them, because it’s a good one, especially when life slams you with challenging emotions and issues. Asking for help, and how that can make you stronger, is a concept that a lot of adults still struggle with, so to take away some of the stigma and societal views (that everyone should suck it up, stop whining, and power onward) on that topic and encourage kids from a very young age to take care of themselves and get help if they need it is so fantastic.

This book gets all my stars, and it even choked me up a bit.

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