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Winter’s Bone by Daniel Woodrell

Winter's BoneWinter’s Bone by Daniel Woodrell
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Nope. I just couldn’t with this one. It’s not for me. Maybe I came in with the wrong expectations, and I’m not the right audience for this story.

Having lived in Missouri for 38 years, both in and near the Ozarks (currently along the Northern edge of the Ozarks), I wanted to love this. Unfortunately, the end result of a short story that is 65% setting and 35% story is 2D characters that show very little depth or growth and aren’t much more than stereotypes. The story itself is flat and doesn’t evoke any real emotion, and the writing is bogged down by poetic attempts and lengthy sentences that just aren’t fun to read.

Then there is the dialect that has so many affectations that it’s hard to read through, but I would have appreciated it, if it had felt honest or accurate. Instead, it just feels forced and unnatural.

It was a struggle to push through this. The longest book I have read this year was over 1,000 pages, and that book felt far shorter than this 193 page story. I should have just stopped after I had to reread the start of the novel four times before I could propel myself forward, but I powered through, as I wanted to understand why it is that people love it so much that it was made into a movie. I haven’t seen the movie yet and am not sure I will now.

I almost gave it one star, but there are a few moments or sentences that were truly interesting or beautiful, so I’m giving it 2 stars. I can see moments of potential that are interesting to me, even though I just couldn’t connect with this story overall.

If you’re really into unique settings, or poetic descriptions, then maybe this will be your cup of tea.

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