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Pride by Ibi Zoboi

PridePride by Ibi Zoboi
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a slam poetry remix of Pride and Prejudice, set in Bushwish, a low-income neighborhood in Brooklynn, which is a recipe for success. It’s full of fascinating characters, and it sticks closer to the original story than most of the other YA P&P retellings I’ve read. You’ll definitely see the overlaps, and Zuri is a strong MC.

My only complaints are that I would have liked to feel even more invested in the story than I did, especially in the second half, and the relationships fell a bit flat as the story progressed. It was trying so hard to stick to the P&P storyline, that it lost a bit of believability, in terms of the emotion and angst that should have existed. This may have been because of the writing style, which felt it lapsed into too much telling after a time and not enough showing.

Still, it was an interesting read, and a solid attempt at a P&P retelling.

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