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Solo by Kwame Alexander

SoloSolo by Kwame Alexander
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was another gorgeous novel by Kwame Alexander. My inner-musician enjoyed the musical components of this story, and the songs were performed in the audiobook, which was an excellent touch.

I enjoyed the story overall, and it had some good messages. Despite the beautiful phrases and sentences, something about the storyline just didn’t quite ring as true for me as I hoped. It’s not that it’s not emotionally honest. It’s more that it had these moments that felt too perfectly sculpted to be realistic, which of course, it’s not. It’s fiction, but in this genre, I expect moments to be honest and there was something here that seemed a bit inauthentic or forced.

I’m struggling to explain it, because there’s honestly nothing wrong with this story, on a straightforward intellectual level. But I don’t read with my brain. I read with my heart, so the 4 stars is because there was just a bit of something missing for me in this one. Not much, but enough that I don’t feel the need to either hug the book or throw it at wall, which means it can’t claim that 5th star from me.

All the same, it’s an interesting read, and I especially recommend the audiobook.

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Pages: 320

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