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The Dark Calling by Kresley Cole

The Dark Calling (The Arcana Chronicles, #5)The Dark Calling by Kresley Cole
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

UPDATE: After I tamped down my epic rage fit, I did go back and finish this book. By force. I realized it was on my 2018 book challenge, and I also needed the points for a team reading contest. Rather than have a gap on my challenge and waste points that we needed for our team challenge, I picked this back up and finished it.


This book sucks, and it deserves 0 stars. If I could actually give it negative stars, then I would, because it wasted my time and an amazing premise. It reads no better than the worst rough draft, has no plot that it can even stick to for more than one paragraph, there is no character development or growth of any kind,  the world building is nonexistent, all action scenes are missing and replaced with endless emotional dialogue that tells us stuff we don’t care about when we just could have had a decent action scene, and I’m absolutely done with this series.


DNF’d at 69%, and I’m so angry and disappointed that I’m quitting the series, despite the fact that I’ve invested a lot of years, emotions, and $$ into it. This is the worst story I’ve tried to read in ages, and I don’t know why Kresley Cole fed us so much useless bullshit. She completely lost perspective of the storyline, as well as her audience for the series, and her editor(s) should probably be replaced for not bringing the perspective and pointing out the mess before this was published. They clearly do not have her back.

It’s quite obvious to me that this is being drug out for the purpose of making more money, and not for the purpose of writing a better series, as there’s only, at best, about 8% story in the 69% of the book that I suffered through before realizing that this disaster is hopeless and a waste of my time and patience.

For those who think I’m a hater who judges books harshly, I defer you back to my 1,481 ratings, with an average star score of 4.24. I read every book with the intention of loving it and looking for ways to understand and love it. But sometimes, that doesn’t pan out, especially when every chapter is so tedious, boring, and repetitive that I could probably read the book in basically any order and the story would still end up the same.

This is a nightmare, and if you think that’s harsh and judgmental, then I should say that I’ve read upwards of 25 other Kresley Cole stories and never given one less than 4 stars. But this is a disaster, and forcing myself to keep reading it feels like torture. There’s nothing fun about this. There’s nothing badass. There’s nothing new. There’s nothing interesting. Basically nothing happens, unless you like to see characters meltdown into repetitive, nauseating stereotypes of worthlessness.


This entire story is all surface level drama (idiotic, simpering, annoying, useless drama), and absolutely no depth. And I just want to cry, because I’m so shocked and disappointed. I loved this world and was so excited to see what would happen next. Now that I know, I wish everyone had just died in the last book, so the series could have ended there.

For those who don’t want to risk SPOILERS, I suggest you stop reading before I dive into what upsets me about this book, as I am not going to censor anything else that I say about this novel. For those who read it straight through and loved it, more power to you. Also stop here, because I have a whole lot to say that you don’t want to read.

Actually, you know what? No. Just no. I wasted too much of my time on this book already. I’m done here. Pointing out all the reasons why this is a miserable story is only going to make me more depressed about it. I can’t anymore. Not with this.

If you wanted an incredible YA Fantasy/Supernatural story with an amazing premise, continued world building, and epic battle scenes, you aren’t going to get that here. If you wanted a truly conflicted love triangle, for good reasons, between some truly amazing characters (or better yet no love triangle at all, especially one that doesn’t make sense and that we’ve all been over for several books now), you also won’t get that here.

Turn away now. Save yourself. This novel is the equivalent of having to see 1,573 different shots of someone’s baby on Facebook, wearing the exact same outfit and doing basically nothing but staring, and you’re sitting there wondering why, if that person’s baby is so cute and amazing, are they busy posting to social media to get attention for themselves instead of giving attention to that child. Why? If that describes you, then you’ll probably also hate this book. Please trust me and save yourself the wrath.

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