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Marked (House of Night, #1)Marked by P.C. Cast
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Every time I think I’m tired of YA vampires, I end up reading a new vampire story that I enjoy, so clearly, this category of paranormal fiction contains a lot of room for variety.  This book was recommended to me by Nicole, but I have to confess, I’ve intended to read it since I taught middle school and just never got around to it.

I enjoyed this world and the unique fashion in which the vampirism works. There’s also enough about the world that I still don’t understand that makes me want to read onward. This is definitely a boarding school vampire book, though the characters are quite different from say, Vampire Academy (which is amazing and a must read series).

The love interesting is adorable but pretty boring. He’s a bit like a dog that follows you around and appears for attention at all the right moments. The difference is that dogs have a lot of personality, and beyond being cute, this guy really doesn’t have much going for him.

I’m okay with that, because the story really isn’t about him, and he plays only a minor role. The story is a lot more about Zoey and her interesting new friendships and how they push back against the villain of the story, whom I suspect is not the true villain of the series.

I like the goddess influence, as well as the American Indian themes that waft throughout this story. That was a good change of pace. I think I’ll definitely give the second book a try to see how this series moves forward. I’m not desperately racing out to get my hands on the next book, but I suspect I’ll enjoy it when I finally read it.

Anyway, long story short, in the realm of YA vampire stories, this definitely isn’t a must read, but it’s absolutely a good supplemental read for someone who really gets a kick out of the unique mythology behind each different fictional vampire world.

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