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Beast by Donna Jo Napoli

BeastBeast by Donna Jo Napoli
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I confess that the start was really rough, but I loved the setting and diversity of this story. So I stuck it out, and I’m mostly glad I did. I don’t think this improved upon Beauty and the Beast, but it was an acceptable retelling.

I’ve read far better Beauty and the Beast retellings, including:
BEAST by Brie Spangler
CRUEL BEAUTY by Rosamund Hodge
BEASTLY by Alex Flinn

And obviously, A COURT OF THORNS AND ROSES by Sarah J. Maas was originally intended to be a Beauty and the Beast retelling but emerged into something even greater. So pick that one up, for sure, just because it’s amazing.

Now, back to this book, which may be of interest to some, but probably not to all. My least favorite parts included the long and wandering start and the extremely abrupt ending, but the whole middle section was a bit more interesting. I did get caught up in the story, after initially wondering if I might want to quit reading this book.

I definitely don’t regret reading this book. I know that doesn’t sound like high praise, but I think that readers may need to be willing to accept a few flaws to be able to take something out of reading this one. Also, I listened by audibook, and I think that helped. I’d recommend that format, if you decide to give this one a try.

Pages: 272

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