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Without Merit by Colleen Hoover

Without MeritWithout Merit by Colleen Hoover
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a good story overall, and I read it straight through. However, it’s my least favorite Colleen Hoover book and the only one I’m not sure I would ever reread. Now, this isn’t meant as an insult, as I obviously still gave the book 4 stars. I just didn’t connect with it as well as I have others.

It’s a compelling, fast paced read, and it is full of interesting characters, unexpected situations, and a variety of different strained relationships. One minor complaint that I have is that some major/traumatic issues and moments were just brushed over under the philosophy that not all mistakes deserve a consequence. And that’s probably true, however it overlooks the fact that even though a mistake might not deserve a consequence, it still may have been harmful and had consequences for others. It may still require more resolution than a mere apology, especially if the mistake went unresolved and unexplained for years and affected the lives of others.

What was fascinating about this book is that it dealt with the amount of harm that people can do to the ones they love when they fail to successfully communicate, whether that’s through being the one to speak up, or being the one to actively and patiently listen without judgment. The characters definitely learn a lot across the length of the story, so that was interesting, even when it was uncomfortable.

There’s a lot of the drama, and obviously some of the drama is there to keep the plot moving forward. I get that, but it did make some of the drama seem unnecessary, like overkill. The story just didn’t sit as well inside the drama as I wanted, I guess.

Overall, I still enjoyed the story enough that I stayed up until 3 AM on a work night to finish it. It’s well-written as is everything that comes from CoHo. I’m happy I read it, even if it won’t be one that I return to.

Pages: 384

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