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Review: A Little Something Different

A Little Something Different
A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It’s either bizarre or surprisingly unique, with way too many POVs in first person narrative, including a squirrel and a bench. While that is quirky and sometimes amusing, the extra POVs are overwhelming and confusing in the beginning, and the non-human POVs are completely unnecessary to the storyline. I’m a reader who loves multiple POVs (just throwing that out there for a baseline). This kind of works but could be better. I think perhaps this was written in the wrong perspective, and the story could have been better accomplished in some form of 3rd, maybe 3rd omni.

If you like to drown in endless existential angst and enjoy tediously drawn out romantic drama, while seeing very little forward motion or character growth, through many different perspectives, you’ll probably love this. If that sounds like your worst nightmare, take a slow step backwards, don’t make any sudden moves, and quietly slip into the darkness before this book hooks a claw in you.

This is basically a “will they ever get together” story with the two shyest, slowest moving, and most oblivious characters ever. Some will find that endearing, while others find it epically frustrating. I land in the middle of the spectrum, finding it both frustrating and a bit endearing, the same as I find the writing choices to be unexpected in a way that is both interesting and perhaps a bit misguided.

Pages: 272

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