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Review: Seeker

Seeker by Arwen Elys Dayton
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This just wasn’t for me, despite how promising it sounded. The telling in the beginning put me off. I felt detached from the characters and their issues, and the world building was far too weak for me. The story is frequently unclear and leaves a lot to be assumed, but I had trouble drawing assumptions that I had any faith in, which is rare for me while reading. Honestly, in the first half of the book, I had no idea what was going on about 30% of the time.

Everything is a mystery, but not in a fun, exciting, intentional sort of way… more in an author being so close to their work that they failed to thoroughly tell the story to those who don’t live inside the author’s head. I found it tiring and confusing, and I almost DNF’d a hundred times. But we have a work blog, and I wanted credit for finishing, thus I powered onward, paying less attention each chapter, which did not help with my perpetual confusion.

In addition, I don’t like most of the characters, which is not a mark against the book. Some of my favorite characters in literature are the ones I hate the most. I’m more than happy to read about unlikeable characters, but the problem was that I couldn’t find the energy to take a serious interest in anyone. I guess it wasn’t that they were unlikeable, so much as that I was completely uninterested in them (okay, they were also unlikeable but not in a deliciously wicked sort of way, unfortunately).

Also, I confess I’m typically a fan of a love triangle, as a girl needs to have options, but this was one love triangle that made me roll my eyes. I couldn’t care if she ended up with either, because none of them belong together. It was just drawn out and annoying, with none of that delicious will-they-or-won’t-they tension.

Last, but not least, the story feels painfully long, though I’ve read much longer books much faster. My score is actually a 2.5 that I will round up, to be fair, as the concept had the potential to be good. Plus, the writing was occasionally good, just not consistent. Also, it’s always possible when listening to an audiobook that my poor listening may have contributed to my dislike of a certain story. I hope that happened here, because I really hate disliking a book that I wanted to love.

Pages: 448

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