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Review: Being Jazz: My Life as a (Transgender) Teen

Being Jazz: My Life as a (Transgender) Teen
Being Jazz: My Life as a (Transgender) Teen by Jazz Jennings
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I listened to the audiobook of this memoir, which was very good, because it is so conversational in voice and tone.

This is an engaging story, and I found Jazz’s journey (so far) to be fascinating. I especially appreciate how overwhelmingly positive, encouraging, and confident she is. It’s also honest and upfront about topics such as depression.

That being said, I don’t think her journey would be considered typical for most transgender teens, so while it’s so wonderful to see how much love and support she has had since she was very young, I appreciate how it is noted that other trans kids and teens have not all had the same level of acceptance and support. This is not to say her life has been without hardship, because she has had her own set of struggles.

The book mentions important areas of concern for the trans community, such as the high suicide rates and the increased risk of being the victim of violent crimes. It balances a very hopeful message with reminders that the lives, stories, and struggles of other transgender people can be very different. Regardless, almost all people want to be themselves and to be accepted for who they are, and for someone so young to have such insight is impressive.

I’m still, quite honestly, not a huge fan of memoirs, but this one is short, held my attention well, and provides a lot of good information that will hopefully make the world a more understanding place.

Pages: 272

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