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Review: The Haters

The Haters
The Haters by Jesse Andrews
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jesse Andrews is a bold and honest writer, and that’s what I like best about his quirky stories and characters. He has a real feel for the way teenagers actually communicate and interact that makes every story seem so genuine, even when what’s happening is ridiculous or almost slapstick.

He writes really strong and interesting male characters. He’s a bit like Andrew Smith in that regard. Neither neglect to have female characters who are unique and unexpected in their stories, but the most interesting characters in most of their novels are guys. And the most interesting relationships are usually between the guys in each story, even when it’s just a best friends or bromance situation.

I don’t mind that at all, and I enjoy reading such interesting male characters. I would, however, be very curious to see what either of these authors would do with a female lead.

Pages: 336

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