Review: Seven Ways We Lie

Seven Ways We Lie
Seven Ways We Lie by Riley Redgate
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This has 7 POVs, and they aren’t all distinct. The female voices, in particular, really blend together. I listened to this on audiobook, which made it even harder to settle in to the story.

Overall, it’s still a good story. Typically, I love multiple POVs, but this felt like a gimmick, instead of an effective storytelling solution. In fact, I think the story would have been significantly better, had it been reduced to only a few POVs.

It’s 3.5 stars for me, but I rounded up, since it attempted to maintain my attention. The writing is decent. The story is okay. It’s just hard to fully settle down or get invested in anyone, and the lack of voice can be really disconcerting at times, especially when you’re trying to keep 7 different perspectives straight.

So now I’ve made it sound really terrible, but there were still things I enjoyed about it, including the writing style, in general. I kept reading, which means it kept my attention, despite the fact that I was unclear about 70% of the time which character was currently telling the story.

I don’t recommend the audiobook. The performance is good, but it makes it even harder to differentiate between the 7 POVs. This is one where you need to pause at the start of every section and think about who is talking before you start reading, otherwise you’ll spend half the book uncertain who is currently telling the story.

Pages: 352

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