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The Last Star
The Last Star by Rick Yancey
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Meh. Such a disappointment. I guess I should have expected that after how tedious book 2 was, but I loved booked one so much that I hoped for something better for a finale. When it wasn’t better, I should have stopped reading, but I kept hoping until I reached a point at which I felt I had read so much that I should just finish.

I could not connect to this story. It inspired an emotional flatline in me. It’s exhausting and not as well written, to the point of being bewildering at times. From my point of view, the author didn’t allow for the reader to bring any of themselves or their own ideas or impressions to the story. She preferred to exhaust me with her ideas and interpretations, apparently assuming I could not come to the right impressions on my own (which if that was a case, it would be a failure in the writing, not a failure in the reader).

Several of the main characters were inconsistent, as if they were entirely different people than they were before (but not because of anything that happened to them in the storyline). By the time the end rolled around, I cared so little that I can’t even explain what happened, and I just finished the book yesterday.

I won’t be recommending this series to anyone, which is kind of sad, because I loved the first book so much. However, book one ends on a massive cliffhanger, and everything after that is just dreadful. I can’t put a reader through that. I’m annoyed I put myself through it, so I’ll probably just go with denial and pretend this series doesn’t exist.

Pages: 352

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