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Review: Sentinel

Sentinel by Jennifer L. Armentrout
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I enjoyed this series, but the audiobooks were a challenge. The reader (Justine Eyre) had a strange breathy tone that made it hard for me to hear and concentrate on the words and sentences, especially when I kicked it up to a normal speed for human speech (2X or 2.5X –I typically listen to all audiobooks at 2-3 times the recorded speed, as they are recorded so slowly that otherwise I would zone out by the end of the first sentence).

I did reduce the speed and attempted to make the best of it throughout the series. She did a good job with the reading in general and the voices. It is just the way her voice recorded that does not work for me (plus the volume on the audio was cued so low I could barely hear if there was any noise around me at all, even with earbuds), and I found myself rewinding more than in any other audiobook before, since I frequently missed or couldn’t understand what had been said.

Part of the issues with her strange/breathy tone could have been resolved if they had simply cued the audio to a louder volume, so it wouldn’t sound like the whole story was being read in a stage whisper, which made me constantly strain to hear and understand. I found it very frustrating, but I continued to listen, as I had already purchased the series and enjoyed the actual stories.

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