Review: Walk the Edge

Walk the Edge
Walk the Edge by Katie McGarry
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Go ahead, Katie McGarry. Write an anatomy textbook. I would read it. Who knows? I might even memorize it. Some authors could write an apartment lease and make it fascinating, and Katie McGarry is one of them.

YA Contemporary Romance isn’t the genre I read most often, but I have read and adored everything Katie McGarry has written. I think her characters get better and more interesting each novel. She digs deep into what makes people who they are, and she shares it out in a way that lets me decide what I think about that.

Also, why aren’t there any motorcycle clubs in my life? They’re like the 2016 nights in shining armor, with their loyalty and codes of honor. It’s fascinating, though I don’t know how much is fiction and how much ties to reality. Either way, I love this world and want more.

Pages: 448

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