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Review: Girl Against the Universe

Girl Against the Universe
Girl Against the Universe by Paula Stokes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This story is a real gem. It tackles heavy topics in a way that never feels exhausting or overwhelming. The characters are delightful, and I really related to the main character’s perspective.

The story is also pro-therapy, which is a fantastic trend I’ve been seeing in YA lately, and I loved reading it again here. I think it helps break down some of the bad stereotypes that linger from my generation (and older), where people rarely got the help they needed and still fight with themselves about deciding to get help now.

Sometimes I think I live in one of the most fascinating periods of time, because so many people have stood up in my lifetime to fight for humanity to be better, think kinder, judge less, ask for help, fight inequalities, and live and love in whatever ways people see fit. When I’m feeling kind of crummy about the latest terrible thing that has happened in the world, I try to remember that we have made progress too. This book reminds me that humanity continues to evolve in ways that are good and healthier than they were before, and authors do a lot to contribute to that by sharing stories that touch people’s hearts and open their minds.

Also, there’s a good stepdad, which is worth noting, since stepdads often end up being less than desirable characters in MG and YA novels.

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