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Saint Anything
Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen
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Sydney’s older brother, Peyton, goes to jail after driving drunk and hitting a boy on a bike, leaving him paralyzed. Peyton is obviously guilty, and it’s not his first run in with the law, despite the fact that he comes from a family of means, in a seemingly pleasant community, attends a private school, and has the resources and parenting that other teenagers often lack. Basically, it seems like Peyton had a great life, until he decided to repeatedly screw it up, but every story runs deeper than that.

This is actually Sydney‘s story, and she’s unheard, ignored, and treated unfairly, based on the actions of her older brother, and despite the fact that she’s nothing like him.

Sydney is mad at her brother, who she also loves, because he was so selfish and careless. She feels enormous guilt over the paralyzed teenager, as if she is somehow responsible for his suffering. To make matters worse, her mother tries to make the whole world revolve around Peyton, even after he goes to prison. She even goes so far as to make excuses for all his wrong-doings and try to shift the blame away from his poor choices.

This story is about how a few bad choices can have a lasting impact on a whole family, and it’s also about how the concept of unconditional love can be both a blessing and a curse

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