Review: Poison Princess

Poison Princess
Poison Princess by Kresley Cole
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow! This was completely unexpected. Somehow, I have read a ton of post-apocalyptic YA this January. I think my TBR must be full of them, without me even realizing it, but this is so different from all the others.

It explores the worlds of Taro cards, the Arcana, and Cajun lifestyles, which I knew very little about, but there are some major supernatural twists with what happens in this story. I couldn’t always tell who the good guys and bad guys were, which was fascinating. Some of my favorite characters had major issues. The main character and potential love interest spend most of the story fighting and misunderstanding each other, so that kept things interesting.

It’s almost a story within a story, starting in one place, jumping back to tell the story, then skipping forward on occasion to a very intense present. Near the end of the book, both the storylines finally meet up and come together in an interesting fashion. I’ll definitely continue on in this series.

Pages: 384

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