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Review: Falling into Place

Falling into Place
Falling into Place by Amy Zhang
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This YA contemporary novel about a mean girl who intentionally drives her car into a tree and hovers on the edge between life and death is probably more of a 2.5 for me, though I rounded up to 3, because the writing style was very interesting. The problem for me was that the style was fascinating but also strangely distancing. I felt like the story held me at arm’s length, and so I returned the favor.

Also, the MC is not at all likable and isn’t especially redeemable, nor does she show any major growth in the story. I am quite fascinated by unlikable main characters, but that can’t be their only unique quality. There has to be something more to them or the story if it’s going to hold my attention. This just wasn’t for me. While I really liked some of the things about the writing style, I think both If I Stay and Before I Fall were both more fascinating, emotional, and showed greater depth than this.

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