Review: Eve

Eve by Anna Carey
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was probably a 3.5 for me. It gets the extra 0.5 for being post-apocalyptic and dystopian, which typically appeals to me. I didn’t realize that was what kind of story it was when I picked it up. I read it purely based off someone else’s recommendation, with no background on the story.

Basically, the majority of the world succumbed to a plague, and Eve grew up in an all girls boarding school that informed her about how good the king was. It turns out he isn’t, and Eve escapes into the wilderness to try to avoid a terrible fate.

It gets less than my typically enthusiastic 4 and 5 star ratings, because I was never fully drawn in by this story. I found one of the side characters to be far more interesting and believable than the main character, enough so that I almost wished the series had been about her, instead. I think it would have been far more interesting.

I was also a bit bored with what felt like insta-love, but it could just be that I wasn’t a very attentive reader of this book. It’s possible all the chaos in my life and mind distracted me from ever really settling in to the story. However, the concept itself is fascinating, and I wonder if the story has potential going forward, which is why I declare it a 3.5 and might continue on with the series, when typically, I wouldn’t continue on for any book rated lower than a 4.

Pages: 352

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