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Review: Darla’s Story

Darla's Story
Darla’s Story by Mike Mullin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was an excellent novella that gives you more background on Darla, who is a very strong and interesting character. If you loved the Ashfall trilogy, you’ll want to read this novella, just to have a bit more time in that world. I have also heard that a 4th book might be added to the trilogy in 2018, so I am very hopeful.

It’s a very dark, gritty, violent, and fascinating post-apocalyptic story, so if you can’t handle violence or gore, you might want to pass on this. However, the depth of the ugliness of the world after a super volcano explodes and coats the world in ash is fascinating, and the terribleness of humanity is offset by the beauty of it. The two are always at odds with each other, but it makes for an interesting, if dark and intense, read.

Pages: 70

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