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Reading to Help Writing: Visit Veronica McDonald’s Blog Today

Today, another writer, Veronica Mcdonald, said I inspired her, and she wrote a blog post about it.  You should totally go read it, because it’s awesome and insightful: Veronica McDonald’s Blog

The purpose of the post was to discuss the impact of rereading the first chapter of favorite novels before starting to draft a new novel.

It all started, because I sent this Tweet:

Screenshot 2015-10-29 12.05.31


Now, I’ll be honest. Even though I loved this idea, I wasn’t sure if I would actual go through with it, until Veronica MacDonald encouraged me:


Screenshot 2015-10-29 12.05.14

2015-10-23 17.45.46

Anyway, I think Veronica took this to a whole new level of awesome, by actually blogging about the experience, what she learned, and how it’s helping her. I was the lazy writer who just read the first chapters and kept all that to myself, so rush on over to her blog and check out her fantastic post:  Veronica McDonald’s Blog


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