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Outlining For NaNoWriMo

The outlining bug has bitten me, and I’m trying to get settled for NaNoWriMo.  In the past, the method to my madness often included putting up post-it notes all over my walls and pantsing between them. I decided to take a more thought-out approach this year. I outlined the first 13 chapters last week. Then I promptly had second thoughts,  so I set those aside and started all over again last night. I figure once I do that about 4 more times, I’ll be par for the course.

Anyway, I haven’t had much time to update the blog, but here are some pics from my character development pages. There’s still work to be done here, but I am making headway. Some of these characters have already changed some or might not appear in the story much (or at all) anymore, but they’re still part of the world, regardless:

2015-10-13 11.36.09 2015-10-13 11.36.15 2015-10-13 11.36.23 2015-10-13 11.36.26

2015-10-21 18.51.03  2015-10-21 18.50.50

2015-10-13 11.37.14 2015-10-13 11.37.22

2015-10-13 11.36.34 2015-10-13 11.36.37 2015-10-13 11.36.45 2015-10-13 11.36.50 2015-10-13 11.37.27 2015-10-13 11.37.32 2015-10-13 11.37.41 2015-10-13 11.37.44 2015-10-13 11.38.25 2015-10-13 11.38.28

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