Review: The Middle of Somewhere

The Middle of Somewhere
The Middle of Somewhere by Sonja Yoerg
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I loved House Broken, so I’ve been excited about the release of The Middle of Somewhere. This novel definitely delivers, and even though it’s a different type of story from House Broken, both pack an emotional punch. That’s honestly what I like in a book. I want it to make me feel everything, until I’m overwhelmed, stressed out, and completely absorbed.

I was invested in this story from start to end. Both the plot and internal dramas are intense, which will have you on the edge of your seat (and imagining/hearing bad guys stalking your house in the middle of your night, if you’re anything like me).

The details about the hike and trail made me feel like I was there and participating in the experience, even though I’m not a hiker. It’s possible I will never be a hiker after reading this novel, but I love that this story threw me into a new world/situation and completely enveloped my senses. I could almost feel the burn in my own legs and taste the trail mix.

The MC is different and troubled. She carries a lot of baggage, but she also grows throughout the story and becomes more aware of herself and her issues. I loved seeing that growth and the recognition of personal shortcomings, as we all struggle in our own ways. I believe acknowledging issues and being self-aware makes a huge difference, even if I’m not perfect at correcting my issues. People can’t fix things they don’t acknowledge, and everyone starts somewhere. I think starting and trying are both huge steps. Sometimes, they’re even more important than overcoming, and I feel like that was the message of this story.

This story made my heart ache in all kinds of unexpected ways. It caught me off guard once and made me cry, but that was potentially more about what I felt the book said about me, rather than being about the specifics of the story line. It also helped to renew my faith in humanity, which is what I honestly want every story to do. There are times where everything feels so hopeless, but it’s what the characters did during and after those moments that I think I enjoyed the most.

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