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A Story Of Librarianship


After out governor appropriated funds for public libraries to deal with his budget deficiencies this past week, I thought I should post this again. Plus, I’m behind at Camp, and some of these quotes say more than I could about the value of libraries. So here’s a little story about my life and my feelings about libraries, in everyone’s words but mine:


RULE #2: 
RULE #3: 
RULE #4: 
RULE #5: 
(Yes, it is grammatically incorrect,
but it is the thought that counts in this instance.
So says the librarian.)
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  1. Laurie Laurie

    I consider that your house growing up was my library…. remember when I could only borrow an “even” number of books… and by “even” I meant in multiples of 5… so 45 books made perfect sense… I’ve always had special logic!

    • baw29640 baw29640

      Yes, indeed you have. But I’d lend books to you any day, and I can’t say that of most people. Besides, your lack of understanding of even and odd pairs nicely with your struggle to figure out left and right. 😉

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