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This is just for kicks. Mom found it in a box while cleaning out old stuff to pack and move. I’m tentatively considering rewriting it as an adult. It could be a fun challenge for a blog post, but I haven’t decided. For now, it’s simply amusing.

Translation (exactly as written, errors included):

The Rabbit who wouldn’t hop. 

Once there was a little rabbit named Pizza. Pizza was 10 weeks old. and she had never hopped.

Her frinds always said it was fun. But she always said in her snaught voice, I’m positive it’s not fun hopping’s for babies and I’m not a baby so I refuse to hop.

One day she got hopalongidise (hop-along-itis) she had to hop 5 times a day for a week. When her mom told her this she got red in the face. And said in her not so snaughty voice I’m positive it’s not fun hoppings for babies and I’m not a baby so I refuse to hop. Then her mom yelled at her and said you get up this instant and hop 5 times

So she crowled out of bed and hopped five times. She liked it so she did it every day.

the end
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