Review: No Place to Fall

No Place to FallNo Place to Fall by Jaye Robin Brown
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book spoke to me in so many ways, from the unique way it connected with music to the small town setting that was a huge part of the charm of the story. I loved the flawed characters and how some of them learned and grew but others couldn’t or didn’t. They all tugged at my heart, even when I was frustrated with their choices, behaviors, or circumstances.

I liked being thrown into a world and being uncertain about where I wanted the story to go and how I wanted it to end up. It kept things interesting and reminded me how life can change inside small moments. I was never sure what moment might set us on a path that was different from the one I thought we were on. That sounds kind of confusing, but basically, I enjoyed turning the page to find new possibilities and forks in the road.

It’s a gorgeous, well-written, charming story about how anyone, at any age, in any circumstance, can find room to grow and redefine themselves, and it’s the side characters that reminded me of that. Amber, the MC, reminded me how good intentions don’t excuse foolish behaviors, but people slip up sometimes. How you do (or don’t) own your choices defines the kind of person you will be.

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