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The Lessons I learned Reading YA in 2014

Before we start, please note: I tried very hard not to be spoilery or too specific, but I can’t be held accountable for any unnecessary spoilers. Read with caution. 

Be a fangirl and love something to excess, like Cath, but also be a fan of yourself. Because finding your own voice is beautiful.
Ask for the sun, like Noah, and be willing to give it up forever for something you want so much more, like Jude.  
And, “You have to see the miracles, for there to be miracles” 
Face your past, and all its lies, no matter how difficult, in order to live the truth of your present. 

Understand that real love stories are messy, twisted, screwed up, and flawed, like Mara and Noah’s. 

Believe in Gods and Monsters, but still find the humanity in both, like Karou.

Step up to lead when you’re needed and when you need the world to change, like Gaia.
Love all the boys, at least a little, like Blue.

Expect more from everyone, like Taylor, but recognize when you’ve found a road that leads you to everything you want and need.

Understand the power of wielded words, like Juliette, and always demand waves, waterfalls, and rushing currents. 

Be selfless and willing to sacrifice, like June.

Open your eyes wider, and learn to see the Shadow that’s right in front of you, like Lucy.
Be careful with people and words. 
Make sure your life is your idea, not somebody else’s. 
And love the ones who are good to you and good for you, like Aristotle and Dante.

Be adventurous and live outside your box, like Anna. 
Be yourself, no matter how quirky, like Lola. 
Be a hopeless romantic, like Isla.

Know who you really are and do your best to hold fast to it, like Todd, so the ugly parts of life don’t change you into someone you don’t even know or respect. 
Learn from animals, because they’re often better at humanity than people are. 
Every villain wants to be a hero, and sometimes it’s only a small sideways step between the two. 

Kick ass, take names, and question authority, like Rose.

When life is small minded, be bigger than it, like Alice. 

Perfection is overrated. 
Love is underrated. 
And I desperately need to live in a world where hating someone because of who they love is an extremely rare crime against humanity committed by only the lowest of the low, rather than an every day issue.  
Don’t give up the parts of yourself that you most value, like Katsa, but do know when to bend, instead of forcing a break.   

Sometimes you have to lose hope to find it again, like Sky. 
And not kissing can be even sexier than kissing. 😉 

Be Infinite

If you really want to help someone after a tragedy, you’ll let them grieve in their own way, even if it makes life awkward or you uncomfortable. 

See beneath the surface, not just of others, but of yourself, too. 
“Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.” –Mark Twain

When the world falls apart, step up to remake it the way you wish it could be, no matter how hard it is or how long that takes. 

If you want extraordinary, you have to be it.
Be thoughtful, like Simon
Be emotional, like Alec
Be tough, but allow for soft places inside yourself, like Izzy
Sometimes we need help to be bold, to step outside of our boxes, to try new things, to let other people in, but it’s also important to know where to draw the lines that define us, otherwise someone else might draw them for us. 
Teachers do matter and can make a difference (even when we feel like we don’t) 

Find your voice again, after someone silences it. 

Learn to hope and be open to love, like Hazel. 
Don’t ward off relationships to avoid heartbreak, but find someone worth breaking over, like Gus. 
And when you’re living inside a sad story, find the funny. 


Be logical, like Hermione.

Choose your wind wisely, like Charlotte.  

Fight for what you love and believe in, like Katniss.

If I lose part of your humanity, regain it, like Tally.

Know what you want and need to be truly happy, like Bella, and understand/accept the cost of getting those things.

Be brave, like Tris.
 Find your kindred spirit and use big words for your big ideas, like Anne.
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  1. Laurie Laurie

    I love this!! I just want to read it over and over again and think about all of these books… both the ones I’ve read and the ones I haven’t and it makes me just want to read and read some more.

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