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#WIPmo Goals for Week 1

As if joining NaNoWriMo wasn’t enough, I’ve jumped in on #WIPmo too! Check it out here: Ami with an I

Below are my goals for week one, which ends on Sunday, November 9. Each week, we will set goals and answer new questions. I decided to post my #WIPmo comments and goals here for additional accountability.

#WIPmo Week 1 Comments: 

1. Twitter Handle: @BAWilsonWrites

2. Writing Goal: I will write 2.5K per day on my NaNo novel and edit at least 1 chapter from my previous novel based on CP notes. Since Sunday is day 9, that means I need 22.5K by the end of Sunday on my NaNo novel (which is all I focused on the first four days–currently at almost 13K), and I need to edit 9 chapters of the Space Fantasy (starting from chapter 4, so I’ll get through CH 13). This seems like a lot, but I’m not working most of the week, which seriously helps. I want to get ahead now, as it will get harder.

3. What you’re working on: YA Dark Contemporary (Yeah, I totally made that genre up, because I’m not sure what genre fits it best yet.) Etta lives to log on and escape the ugliness of her life, but online, no everyone can be trusted, including Etta herself. (Okay, that’s the worst description ever, but I’m not going to take time to fix it now.)

4. Writing Where/Wear Of Choice: I like to write from my recliner or lying on the floor with my dog. I usually wear my gray yoga pants or fuzzy pj pants and a cozy, worn out t-shirt or long-sleeved tee. However, I’m visiting my mother this week, so I’m writing in her living room (and she rarely stops talking to me).

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