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8 Terrible Titles

The wonderful @AnnMarjoryK challenged me to do #8terribletitles, right in the middle of #WIPmo and #NaNoWriMo. Since I won’t let words from the new novel out to the world yet, I pulled up my previous novel, BLOODBOUND, YA Space Fantasy, to complete the task.
How It Works: #8TerribleTitles:
1.  Open your manuscript and scroll to a random passage
2.  The word or phrase where your cursor lands is your first terrible title
3.  Repeat until you have eight terrible titles
If you’re not ready to share your manuscript, that’s okay! Grab the nearest book and play along. Better yet, grab your friends and see if they can guess the book by its terrible titles.

1.  Far, Far Away
2.  The Problem With Eyes
3.  I’m Not The Terrorist
4.  Every. Single. Time.
5.  Back Of Our Pants
6.  Two Gunshots
7.  Bloodlust Churning Inside Me
8.  Fingers Through Mine

I was going to add amusing commentary, but I think they stand well on their own. 😉
Just for kicks, I tagged a few writing friends in my Tweet, but I would welcome and encourage anyone who wants to participate to join in the fun.
Sadly, I must confess that I have a strange urge to write a few novels with these terrible titles. I particularly like #4 and #8 . . . (Oh, dear! Save me from myself!)
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