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Interview with Indie Author: Nikki Anne Schmutz

Say hello to Nikki Anne Schmutz, author of Found, which is Christian Inspirational Fiction and author of a poetry collection called In Speaking Of…

Tell me as much as you can about yourself in only one sentence.

I am a novelist, screenwriter, songwriter, blogger, & poet who is also a full time wife and mother of four kids.

Do you have a day job?
I have 15 day jobs… oh wait! That’s also known as motherhood.

Cat person, dog person, or I forgot to feed my fish, and it died?
I am an all-around animal lover, if I had the space in my house I’d adopt way too many pets….

Light side, dark side, or tragically caught on the edge of both worlds?
I am tragically caught on the edge of both worlds in my writing, as well as in my real life. My poetry collection is evidence of this!

Share a favorite quote or small excerpt from your latest work.

I just might have an overuse word problem. I just can’t help myself. There are just times when I just need to just express myself. What’s your biggest writing hang-up?

I use way too many commas! For some reason I think they are needed as I am typing along. Then as I’m editing most of them are deleted as I reorganize all my run on sentences.

Share the love with a creative shoutout to your favorite Indie book or author:
Two of my favorites lately? Effrosyni Moschoudi, author of ‘The Necklace of Goddess Athena’ and Jack Lacey, author of ‘American Crow’ Completely different genres but both amazing reads!

Pantsed or outlined? How do you tackle a new story?
I try to outline everything before I really start writing the meat of the story. Otherwise I get frustrated and sit staring at the screen wondering what in the world to write next. But…. after an outline is done I don’t write the story from beginning to end. I usually write the main turning points to get a feel of how my story is going to flow.

Life is full of hard choices. Would you rather be a hobbit or an elf?
An elf for sure! I’m short & wouldn’t want to go through life any shorter than I already am!

Tell us about your latest or upcoming novel:
My book ‘Found’ came out just before this past Christmas season. It’s a story of a runaway teen who finds herself in a precarious situation around Christmas time. It’s a Christian book dealing with mistakes, faith, and love. I’ve gotten quite a few favorable reviews on

Last week I released my first poetry collection. I’ve been writing poetry as a form of therapy for most of my life. It’s a bit on the dark side as it deals with the hard things so many of us face in life, but is a journey to the light and bright things that can be found in every hard thing we deal with.

E-reader, print book, audiobook, or a combination?
I prefer to hold a book in my hands, feel the pages against my fingers…. But I can’t deny the convenience of having an entire library at my fingertips! I love having audio books for long trips!

What do you do when you aren’t writing?
I really enjoy reading (many different genres but have a love for YA). I love to cook, garden, sew, watch great movies, and sing at the top of my lungs when I think no one is listening!

Do you stick to one genre or switch it up?
 In screenwriting I switch it up! I have written almost every genre out there! I find I have a voice that differs depending on the story and genre. It’s very fulfilling to give different voices to the many sides of me. When I’m writing my novels I tend to stick to a classic literary style with an inspirational undertone. The next book I’m writing fits in that category but revolves around a mystery.

Tell us about your cover art: Who designed it? How did you choose a direction for it? The cover for my novel ‘Found’ is patterned after a red journal that is part of the story itself.

Predict the future: Yours or mine, I’m flexible.
The thing about the future is that it’s always changing. I could tell you that tomorrow you’re going to meet someone who will change your future forever…. But HOW that person changes your future is ever changing.

What’s the most unexpectedly strange piece of advice that you could share with aspiring Indie authors?
It might sound cliché, but believe in the story you are telling. Not just in the twists and turns, but in the journey between the lines that you feel you need to share. Don’t let anyone tell you to change what you feel your story is meant to be.

Why do you write?
I write because something deep in my soul would explode if I don’t. It’s a necessity for my own survival. Sometimes living in an imaginary world of my own making is better than real life. I feel purpose in my life when I share my stories and poetry.

Where do you write?
I usually write in the middle of the chaos known at home where my 4 children are being noisy and rambunctious. I’ve learned incredible focus as a form of creative survival. I like to stay up late after everyone has gone to bed so I can actually find moments of quiet when I really need them.

Check out Found and In Speaking Of…A Poetic Journey From Dark To Light on Amazon. You can also follow Nikki’s Blog, Facebook, or connect up via Twitter: @NikkiAnne510

In honor of her appearance on my blog, Nikki has made her poetry collection FREE for today and tomorrow (February 22-23, 2014) only! Click the title to order it free through Amazon: In Speaking Of…
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