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Interview with Indie Author: M. K. Clinton

Say hello to Indie author M. K. Clinton, who writes humor, including The Returns and The Returns 2~Showstoppers, available on Amazon.

Tell me as much as you can about yourself in only one sentence.
I am a happily married mother of two grown children along with one spoiled Basset Hound and enjoy writing, blogging, laughing, and not taking life too seriously.

Share a favorite quote or small excerpt from your latest work.  
“The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.

I justmight have an overuse word problem. I just can’t help myself. There are just times when I just need to just express myself. What’s your biggest writing hangup?
I absolutely hate commas!  If it were up to me, readers would just pause where they want to pause without me putting a comma in place.  Can we arrange that?

Cat person, dog person, or I forgot to feed my fish, and it died?
I had one cat for over 20 years but I am definitely a dog person.  My blog is “Barking from the Bayou” and focuses on dog issues.  The Returns series does have cats in them but dogs outnumber them.

Explain your editing process using personification or hyperbole:
I start out with a book the size of War & Peace and end up with a book the size of its Cliff notes.

Do you have a day job?
I write during the day.  Oh, did you mean a job that provides me a weekly paycheck?

Coffee, tea, soda, energy drinks, or I’m so undercaffeinated it’s frightening!
That would be coffee, espresso, coffee, espresso, repeat…

Pantsed or outlined? How do you tackle a new story?
I write what the characters say and do as it happens in my mind’s eye.  It is not planned although I have a general idea the direction I want the storyline to take.

What’s the toughest criticism you ever got?
Criticism…I don’t understand the question. : )

What’s the biggest compliment you ever got?
I had a reader tell me that my book made her laugh and forget the pain she was feeling as she recovered from breast cancer surgery.

Life is full of hard choices. Would you rather be a hobbit or an elf?
I would have to choose an elf.  They seem a happier group of wee folks.

Tell us about your latest or upcoming novel:
The Returns gang is back in New Orleanson the trail of a bomber.  They still eat too much junk food and their guardian angel, Faith hasn’t improved her cooking skills.  As in the other two books, the story is full of fun, friendship, and laughter as they fight crime.

What does your favorite protagonist think about you?
Since my protagonists are based loosely on my dogs, it would be difficult to pick a favorite.  It’s like choosing a favorite child.  However, they would all agree that I am an awesome pet mom!

Oh, I wanna dance with somebody! Would you dance with me? If so, pick a style of dance you like and the best song to go with it:
I have to sit this one out, I can’t dance, don’t ask me!

Light side, dark side, or tragically caught on the edge of both worlds?
Always the light side, I don’t do dark or tragic…it’s not funny.

E-reader, print book, audiobook, or a combination?
As a former library clerk, I was slow to accept the eReader.  Now, I am hopelessly addicted to the convenience and ease.  I would have to build another room to house my books if it weren’t for the Kindle.

Do you stick to one genre or switch it up?
I enjoy writing humor so I don’t imagine I will vary from that genre.  I do tackle serious issues on my blog but even then, humor will sneak into my writing.
Tell us about your cover art: Who designed it? How did you choose a direction for it?

I found a wonderfully talented artist, Holly Madison of Whimsical Graphix to design my second book cover.  After talking with her, we decided to change my first cover so the books kept the “series” look.  She was able to feature my Basset Hound, Bentley on The Returns and my “granddog” Pierre the Westie on The Returns 2 ~ Showstoppers.  Holly read my book to get the feel of the story, listened to all of my ideas, and came up with two covers that represent exactly what I had envisioned.

Predict the future: Yours or mine, I’m flexible.
I feel certain that we will both be featured on the New York Times bestseller list and probably meet on the red carpet when our books are made into Academy Award nominated movies.

Aliens have conquered Earth and are forcing you to give up either reading or writing. What’s it going to be?
I’d have to surrender my Kindle.  I will always have to write and then I’ll just read my own work.  If I don’t write something that I enjoy reading then why would I expect anyone else to read it?  Hey, did I just pull a fast one on the aliens?

Why do you write?
I really enjoy the creating process and my characters make me happy.

Thanks for dropping by M. K. Clinton! I enjoyed our chat and can’t wait to meet up on the red carpet! 

Make sure you take a look at The Returns and The Returns 2. You can also follow M. K. on her Blog, Facebook, Twitter: @mk_clinton , Goodreads, Instagram, and Google+

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  1. B.A., Thank you for providing me with one of the most entertaining interviews ever! I loved your questions and I appreciate you inviting me to participate.
    Keep laughing, M. K Clinton

  2. Gustave Flaubert was a notorious perfectionist and once said, “I spent the morning putting in a comma and the afternoon removing it.”

    He could have saved a whole day by not using commas.

    • Thanks for stopping by! I will confess to an opposite comma problem. I adore the little buggers, and I have spent much time putting them in and taking them back out as well. I understand Flaubert’s condition. 😉

  3. I hate commas too! though sadly due to other people apparently seeing them as necessary I’ve finally actually learned how to use them… my life was so much simplre beforehand…

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