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Less Than Epic 2014 Goals

I’ve got nothing. Yeah, you heard me. What? Did you really expect something more from a girl who didn’t even realize it was New Year’s Eve until the ball dropped and everyone started texting well-wishes?  I have no resolutions. I have no brand new goals. I have no excitingly specific plans for my future.  I was caught off guard, and in light of everyone’s excitement, optimism, resolution-making, and blogging, I feel like I’m at a complete and utter loss. 

I want to hunker down, pull the covers back over my head, and pretend I have more time to figure everything out.  However, it might have been pointed out that my attitude towards the New Year is “uninspiring” and “so super lame,” so I’ve decided to confront it by blog. Typically, the truth comes out in writing, so by the end of this post, maybe we’ll all have a better idea of where I might be heading . . . seriously, that new pillowcase is really soft!

Here’s the plan: I’m going to start a very vague list to acknowledge some things I might want to do or deal with this year:  
  1. Drink more coffee for better health . . . What? You meant less coffee? Sorry, I don’t think so.  Let’s try to be moderately realistic here.
  2. I guess the truth of the matter is that I want to change everything this year. 
    1. Everything is basically a filler word. Just insert some big aspect of life, and it is probably true in this instance: relationships, career focus, location, writing habits, eating habits, underwear, the endings to a few novels written by other people, etc.
  3. Become stronger:
    1. Ignore the haters and grow a thicker skin.
    2. Improve my writing style and habits.
    3. Reattempt PT and refocus on physical health.
    4. Remember that self-worth is self-determined.
The end. I know it’s a short list, but the last two actually overwhelmed me, and I couldn’t think of a fourth. Honestly, some part of me doesn’t want to have a list of goals this year, because I don’t want to be boxed in by them or feel the need to have to live up to all of them.  The last few years have included doing a lot of what had to be done to survive life.  Now, I want the freedom to look out at a world that is full of possibilities and run amuck in it.
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  1. I feel your frustration. Trust me it gets better. Try to live in the present, I know easier said than done. If you ever want to talk, let me know. xoxo Lori Oh, and please for the love of God, change your underwear!!!

  2. LOL! I’ll be fine. I want everything to change. It’s just overwhelming now that I’m getting to that point where I have to make a lot of big decisions. I told myself I wouldn’t think about it all until after Christmas, and it is here now, which means I have a lot to figure out by the end of this school year.

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