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Yes, I have totally caved in to the peer pressure to Pimp My Bio for Pitch Wars, despite teaching my middle school students not to let peer pressure get to them.

It got to me. I’m human. Stop with the judgmental eyes. I can see you.

Here’s what you should know about me that’s not necessarily relevant to my writing:

1.  My dog is cuter than your dog! He belongs in commercials, but until he makes it big, I toil away at the local
middle school library, indoctrinating my children with a love for all things books, arguing with them over love triangles, teaching them how to stay up late reading and not get caught, and tolerating their whining about when a sequel in a favorite series will be out.

Not only is that face adorable, but he matches my boots, without even trying! 
*Now that’s real talent*
(Yes, I do have a boot obsession)
2.  I host epic theme parties.  The breakfast cereal dinner party was among my favorites. None have reached the magnitude of insanity that was Mardi Gras 09 though, with our homemade masks and voodoo dolls. You know you’re jealous. Pick me, and I’ll invite you to the next debacle!  (Yes, it’s possible those voodoo dolls might have been pinned to the wall and stayed there a few months.)
3.  I’m seriously accident prone, and I’m guaranteed to die tragically, making my novels more valuable one day….maybe? 

Also, after almost bleeding to death on the highway, following a horrible cycling accident, and watching people drive around me and not stop to help, even though my fingers were too bloody to dial 911 on a touch screen phone, I TOTALLY LIVED (obviously…sorry about the spoiler. I hate those!). 

After a long year of recovery, I realized I was wasting my life telling myself what I couldn’t do, instead of just trying to do what I wanted, so I wrote my first novel.Whether it is any good or not, I don’t even care. It was the writing it that matter. I’ve kept going and am working on my fourth now, and I think I get better all the time. 
These were my previously white bike gloves, which were somehow still dripping when I got home from the hospital two days later. The rest of my clothes were worse, but I don’t want to freak anyone out. I still sometimes get a little flash of PTSD panic when I see cycling gear, which makes me incredibly sad, as I used to love to cycle: 
Also, I used to run (2nd pic) and loved that too, especially running in the rain, but all the medical drama led to me being banned from running for life. I’m complying with the doc so far, because he insists my spine is important. I mostly agree, but I still really want to run again, even though I know I shouldn’t. It clears my brain: 
4.  I might have a minor obsession with zombies, depending on how you define obsession.  I prefer to think of myself as a delightfully charming conversationalist in regards to the Zombie Apocalypse, but there are others who would assess the situation differently, while shaking their heads and rolling their eyes . 
I have a Zombie Apocalypse Survival board on Pinterest here, if you want to stalk it:  http://www.pinterest.com/baw29640/zombie-apocalypse-survival/  
There’s also a Me to the Max page, which might be informative, if you are the stalker type: http://www.pinterest.com/baw29640/me-to-the-max/
…and I always support the local public library, even when they ask me to be in photo shoots, and I really don’t want to: 
They suggested I could geek something like world history or cooking….
Um, no. Did you see how I brought us full circle and right back to the zombies? 😉
5. I was a music person first, and I worked in the travel industry and special event planning before settling into the land of library. I played the clarinet and was pretty consumed as a musician back in college.  Now I play the guitar more, but only for myself when I want to chill. I’m not as good at it, but I don’t care.  
6.  The only type of quilts I am patient enough to make are t-shirt quilts: 
7.  I dig holiday crafts. Here’s my Jack-0-Lantern: 
8. I lived in the Netherlands for 5 months in college. I don’t have any digital pics to share, but it was an awesome experience. I was there during 9/11, and I’m sad that I haven’t been back to visit in 12 years now.  If my count is right, I’ve traveled to 14 other countries before. I get “itchy feet” when I get stuck in the same place for too long and become very restless. 
I love the ocean and can’t believe I’m still in landlocked Missouri: 
9.  I have an adorable family. Here’s our pic from last Easter. Yes, I am the one with the crazy eyes and weird mouth on the left that looks as if she’s being mocked by the others. Go figure: 
Here’s why you should pick me: 
I know I have a lot of growing to do as a writer, but I seriously need some feedback from someone who really knows what they are doing. Some days, I edit and edit, and I can’t tell if I’m making things better or worse.  I start over-analyzing everything and lose perspective, but I’m very open to criticism, especially if it makes my writing stronger. I’m excited to learn, and I’m a hard worker. I’ll rewrite until my fingers fall off, and then I’ll use my toes. I promise.
I am well-aware that my novel is far from perfect, but I believe it is a story that was worth telling.  I know people say they’re over my genre, and it’s going to be a hard sell. Somewhere deep inside, I love it, even on days when I think I hate it and am sure I’m a horrible writer and nobody will ever want to read this story, so I keep hanging on, trying to help it live up to its potential. 
Whatever happens, I’ve enjoyed the madness that is Pitch Wars and the excitement of making new writing friends, as we angst together. Honestly, I only found out about it right before midnight on Dec 2, so I’m a bit late in my preparations and late to the angst-ing game, but I’m trying to catch up.
A big thank you goes out to Brenda Drake (@brendadrake and brenda-drake.com) for hosting this epic event, and I also want to thank all the mentors, whether I applied to you or not, for giving your time to help other writers find their way. That’s so ridiculously awesome of you that I would inappropriately invade your personal space to hug you all, if I could.  
No matter who you pick, I’m going to be happy for them, because every writer deserves their chance.  Those writers are going to be getting the best Christmas present ever, and if it’s not me, I’ll just stalk them and enjoy all the excitement from the sidelines. 
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11 Replies to “Pitch Wars Mentee Bio”

  1. A coworker of mine had a similar cycling accident–a dog RAN INTO HER, knocked her over where she needed medical attention, and the owners of the dog and house simply called the the dog in and shut the blinds. Horrible. Horrible. But she was riding with a group who obviously turned back and called for help. The whole time the amulance was there the dog owners never came out.

    Anyway, it’s encouraging to hear that you turned your passion toward writing and are working to make that happen! I noticed a lot of people on my twitter feed posting about pitch wars so I thought I’d stop by a few blogs 🙂

    Good luck!

  2. Wow. What a *fantastic* bio, and story. I’m so sorry to hear about your horrible accident, but what strength you show with how you’ve handled it! I love running, too, and agree that it really clears the head and helps organise my thoughts. I’m really sorry to hear you’re not able to anymore 🙁 but health is paramount!

    And I’m in the same boat as far as editing endlessly, never knowing whether it’s improvement or just running in circles. I can relate to this so well! I think it must be a common feeling, but that’s why the writing community can be so fantastic!

    Best of luck in Pitch Wars and beyond!

  3. Hee hee. Love this. Thank you. Oh my, just love your dog (mine is by my feet running in her sleep – cuuuute). Laughed at the matching boots. I have a pic of me in brown boots that is one of my faves. My eyes are closed, my mouth’s squiffy and I look like I’ve got one arm BUT the boots are in the foreground and look soooooooo good. Hee hee. I love that you want to grow as a writer. I’ve been there & still grow & learn every day. I love it. I write & edit for people & both thrill me. I learned to edit from the great Renni Browne. I’ll do an in depth line edit of your first five pages if you want as a gift. Give your dog an ear rub from me. 🙂