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Motivating Initial Readers to Read For You AGAIN

Thanks for reading book one ladies!  I’ve written you a short scene with a status update on book two!

“WHAT?  That is so awesome!  You are so amazing,” Kelly declared.

“Damnit, B.A. Wilson!  Hurry up.  I need that book now!” Mary exclaimed. 
“I’m doing my best.  Editing is a dark and twisty bastard,” B.A. Wilson replied.  “I’ll try to have it done sometime on Saturday,” she reassured Mary.
“What?  Saturday?  I can’t wait to get a copy until Monday!” Alicia whined.
“Don’t worry!  You don’t have to wait.  I edited book 2 according to publishing standards, and I could have it emailed to your unique Kindle email address (or Kindle app email address for iPad) this weekend.  Then we don’t have to murder so many trees,” Wilson explained.
“Kindle is stupid.  I want it on Google Docs instead,” Kelly answered back.
“Fine!  Whatever!  Just let me know what you prefer, and I’ll make sure you get it,” Wilson decided.  “Of course, you all have to pay the toll first . . .”
“WHAT!?!” they all three shouted at once.  Nobody had said anything about payment when they signed up for this thankless job.
“We’re teachers.  We have no money,” Alicia gently reminded Wilson. 
“Lucky for you, the toll is for predictions,” Wilson spoke up.  “Now that you can’t bias my writing, I want you to send me back your biggest predictions about what will happen in book two.  Then I can see how boringly predictable it is . . . or isn’t.”
“Did you really just give me homework?  Do I look like a 6th grader to you?” Mary asked, thoroughly annoyed. 
“Um. . . well . . . “  Wilson stammered.
“I don’t even remember the names of your characters anymore,” Kelly complained. 
“I’ll give you a list,” Wilson assured her.
“I’m not doing this, unless I get 10% of the advance, if you ever sell the novel,” Kelly bargained.
“I want to be thanked in the dedication,” Mary reminded. 
“Somehow, you have to put my name in book three,” Alicia negotiated. 
“Crink!” Wilson swore.  “I knew you three were going to be nothing but trouble.” 

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